Young Authors

The Waterloo Writing Project believes its young authors are talented and brave communicators who come from diverse and vibrant literary backgrounds. These authors write to reflect and with respect to their experiences and questions.



Writing. Publish. Perform

Young authors have a lot to say.  The Waterloo Writing Project provides a space for these authors to come together and discover their voice with writing and mentorship support. Through publication and community performance, the authors of the Waterloo Writing Project benefit from an engaged audience who, in turn, hear bold voices and new perspectives.


The Waterloo Writing Project is dedicated to supporting student writing skills and communication, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.

The WWP provides a space for students to engage in transformative activities.  Through writing to reflect and writing with respect to their experiences, students recognize their roles as active participants in their communities.

With this in mind, the WWP provides one on one support with reflection and dialogue, exposure to community experts, opportunities to engage in thematic, interest, or problem-posing writing groups, and assistance with student publication and performance.

The WWP empowers students through their own voice - enriching the lives of our students, coordinators, and community.