My Bike Story by Sincere

I was nervous to go down the hill at first. When I went down the hill I felt like I was flying. I pelted and pelted. But then I heard something. A street full of cars was in front of me and my brother.

My brother stop but my brakes was not working. When I got close to the street I saw a rock that can make me stop. When I hit it the rock my chain popped and got caught in my back tire.The chain rubbed on my tire so much that my tire popped and fell off and I slid under the whole street of cars.The last thing I heard my brother said was “Sincere noooo”!

When I woke up I saw my family crying. I asked “Why were they crying?”They look at me and ran over and gave me a big hug. I had to promise not to die before my parents died first .And I have to keep this promise forever.

The End