The Words by Lannah

The words haunt me. I lay awake at night tears streaming down my face at the words  haunt me. In school, sitting in class the words haunt me. As I walk down the hall I hear people whisper, adding to the words that haunt.




“Kill yourself”

I say nothing. Keep walking. I tell myself. I get home and walk to my room. I put down my bag then walk to my bathroom. I stare at myself in the mirror tears rolling down my face the words still haunt me. Even as, my blade sunk into my skin the words haunted me.

As I took the last pills that was in my pill bottle I whispered the words that haunted me for so long,

“ I am ugly. I am fat. I am a whore. I deserve this.” With that I slipped under the water and I slowly slipped away. Maybe now the words won’t haunt me.