A Copy of "Life" by Gissele Jones

    We were birthed starting with the thoughts of pain and suffering. Some might say we were born seeing all the sorrow in our lives before we even opened our eyes for the first time. Thus being the reason we cry and wail during the very first moments of our life. While  others may say we were kissed by the lips of God before we were dropped into this cruel world, sort of like a “Good luck sweetie” and “Be safe” calling. After that? That’s when we started growing up.

   It started with instincts, from which we learned and took note. Then discipline. Heavily or lightly, we still got it. And then, came the dreams.

   Not sleep tight and good night dreams. These dreams are the ones you reach for. You know, the ones that you stayed up late for, researched for, gave it your all for, those ones. Their big and small, realistic and fanciful. A big and realistic dream, being able to move your family away from their wrecked lives to start anew, or being able to go into an acting career that gives you money and fame.

  Then there's the small fanciful ones. Being able to soar through the sky with peter pan all the way to Neverland, or even being able to slide all the way through the loops of the Coca Cola logo. No matter how big or how small we still had them.

  And that's basically life for you. Of course there might be tragedies or struggle but this piece is optimistic, and will stay optimistic. So thank you for reading, and good bye.