A post from the August 2018 Outernet Experience

by Pharroh

I was outside

It’s wild flowers


It’s humid

It’s getting hoter

I saw a fish, made a wish

Seeing fish made me sing

Being hot made me ask why

As I fight the heat

With my hat

As we walk and run

We have fun

The flowers are hairy

These flowers are ordinary

From milk weed

That are sour to towers of pretty flowers

To bocays of flowers that are cowards

From trees to paper water turns to vapor

I see the stars

No car

Still makein’ bars

Still tryin’ hard to go far

Not tryin’ to stay

Stuck in the tar

Tryin’ to throw out my scars

Tryin’ to still run fast in the grass

Outside we’re not tryin’ to get money

we’re tryin’ to eat honey

I just saw a bunny

I heard my grandma say “sunny”

Go outside now

See a light, I need to fly a kite

Now every thing

Is right.