Kalilia's Commencement Speech from Allen Summer Nursing Camp

I start my speech with my favorite poem, a sightless memory that requests reflection, even from the enlightened. 

In The Depths Of Solitude

i exist in the depths of solitude 

pondering my true goal 

trying 2 find peace of mind 

and still preserve my soul 

constantly yearning 2 be accepted 

and from all receive respect 

never comprising but sometimes risky 

and that is my only regret 

a young heart with an old soul 

how can there be peace 

how can i be in the depths of solitude 

when there r 2 inside of me 

this duo within me causes 

the perfect oppurtunity 

2 learn and live twice as fast 

as those who accept simplicity

Tupac Shakur.

This poem means a lot of things to me. It means finding yourself, no matter how hard that journey may be. Navigating your life and the decisions you make. Figuring out the complexity that is human nature. Searching for your place in the world wherever that takes you. 

But one of the lines that sticks out to me the most is the very beginning. “I exist in the depths of solitude, pondering my true goal.” when i came to camp i too, was wrestling with the concept of the future. I knew i wanted to be a writer and i had no interest in a health science or nursing career. I knew that this opportunity was placed in my lap. And i knew that it would be foolish, extremely foolish of me to reject it. 

I have a way of making up my mind, rarely, but when i do it sticks. A teacher of mine once caught on to this habit and told me, “Just make sure you're not closing any doors.” so i walked through the one provided. Well, more liked gripped the handle and jiggled it a little because it was locked and we were actually supposed to enter through winter hall. This program has taught me that our minds are always subjective to change. That we may think we have everything figured out, but we should never stop looking or exploring our options. 

Before i didn’t realize how much patient interaction you could get with a simple two year degree. I didnt know that I possibly wanted to be a physical therapy assistant, or an occupational therapy assistant, or a nurse who works in a clinic, touching so many lives and leaving them better than i found them. I knew that i wanted to help people and that i was determined to do it the way i knew how. This experience has been one I’m grateful for and one i will remember as a milestone in my career. 

The memories and tours and classes we’ve been lucky enough to receive have inspired me to keep going in a direction i would not have pursued if it wasn’t for you. So i leave you with a poem of my own. 

A solitude now shallow 

I too existed in the depth

A profound silence as i held my breath 

A door is only a door if you open it 

Or it becomes a barrier of sorrows wept

So i open it forcefully in strength 

With support and courage and shoulders tense 

If i came here tomorrow and waited in suspense

I would have learned nothing at the worlds expense

So i offer the earth my knowledge and flare

Solitude is only solitude if no one is there 

Carry your discernment like a badge well owned 

Your brain but a refinement upon your throne 

Great minds thinking alike above simplicity 

Eliminating solitude with multiplicity 

Yearning to be accepted is of the past, and at last 

We carry the torch through the door steadfast