Works from the Waterloo Schools Opening Day Ceremony

The following pieces were written and performed for the opening day ceremony for Waterloo schools.

School by Lave

School…… I deplore the fact that we can’t wear flip flops and how the Time go tick-tock I’m so glad they don’t pick pockets. I hate on a math problem. That I don’t know and when I can’t find the solution, when we sing the national anthem I get to saluting and in the mornings when I don’t eat breakfast things get a little hectic when I’m sitting in a desk am I too fat or am I too skinny or is it just 'cus this penny weighing me down like a pound a pound of math problems on my shoulders I don’t know where this came from but it just shot through my head like a bullet like the bulletin board on the wall telling me I need a pencil as we’re taking a test a tear drop drop down I’m so embarrassed now everyone is laughing so I shut down like a machine in a factory, but I'm not a machine so I'm going to chase my dreams and express myself.

Untitled by Sophia

Last year, I was in sixth grade at Cedar Heights Elementary. Before that, sure, I liked school. I was good at it, and I had friends. But sixth grade was the year that I woke up excited to go to school. That was the year that I was eager to get out of bed, just because of school. The reason for that was my teacher, Mr. Strassburg. He was one of those teachers, the one that every kid dreams of. He genuinely cared about us. He gave us clear rules, but he gave us room to deviate from or even completely abandon the lesson plan. He didn’t run things with an iron fist. He treated us fairly and respectfully, and he told us funny stories that made us laugh. Oh, look at me, listing off qualities like ingredients on a soup can. The thing is, ingredient labels on soup cans don’t tell you everything. They don’t tell you the warm feeling inside you as you eat it, or the feeling of the noodles sliding down your throat. As such, I can’t do Mr. Strassburg justice by simply listing off qualities like this, by saying empty words. Because words don’t tell you how it feels when he gives you a compliment. Words don’t describe the feeling you get when he’s proud of what you’ve done. They simply can’t. But words are all I have, so I’ll have to make the best of them. And the best I can do with words is this: Mr. Strassburg changed my life for the better, forever.


School Stuff by Gissele

One day my 4th grade teacher looked at me and asked. What do you wanna be when you grow up? At that time in life i wasn't really sure of the answer to that, even now, 4 years later, i still don’t know. I mean the question was confusing to me then and still now. But the worst thing my child like mind thought of being was an adult. Because we all know how much that sucks.

But we all have to grow up sometime. I started growing up the moment i was asked that question. But the moment doesn't even matter. Its the place. I did a lot of my growing up in those very hallways that take their place at school. And as weird as it sounds, I’ve learned life lessons in those halls. I also learned a lot about social lives. When i say social life i mean like interacting with people and being open with people. I used to be the most shy person ever. But one day that all changed.

One day, a teacher gave me feedback on the work i did, they showed me that i had so much potential and how good i was at that whole school work thing. So, I started being brave, i started raising my hands for answers, the more feedback i got the more brave i got. Then i started actually interacting with my peers. I actually made a few friends from being more open. And that made me more surprised than I’ve ever been. I started being more brave more open until, it was just who i was.

 Now i’m in 8th grade stepping up, building up, and growing up. Crazy right?


My Thoughts on School by Daniel

This is a challenge but if you leave your phone unlocked and right side up you’re out the room without throwing teachers off balance, You’re either on or off ain’t no in between when it’s valid, I seem to want to talk more and more about what really matters, so any fall, any wall, any stall, any pause, any cross, any frogs, any fogs, Donald Trump build a wall, build it where it won’t fall give it all, give it my all yeah and you can’t show, any drawls, any bra, anymore, in it raw, I’m in all, common law, Kermit Frog, Stomach wall, Kamika, ze’s are banned as well as I can see, I see you all are puzzled but it’s not up to me, IT’S UP TO YOU


From Advanced Kid Ashley by Ashley

This is more than just an appreciation this is an admiration for the things you have taught and instilled in me. It’s not that you believed in me when no one else would but that you took the time to personally invest in the well being of my mind and my future. The educational courage you’ve given me is a conviction when I become intellectually lazy. Before I never completely believed myself to be  smart but through perseverance on your behalf I’m enlightened on my capability to accomplish anything. Mrs. Schmidt, Mr. Oberhue, Mrs. Wilder, Mr. Roberts, Ms B and countless others help me see myself beyond my grade point average. Therefore, I ask that you continue to enlightened young minds with your kindness because without teachers like you advanced kids would be nothing more than a statistic. I am extremely grateful for the fact that you showed me that I not only need to be successful but also that I want to be successful and that has made the greatest difference in my pursuit of education. To show my gratitude I will live a life that will make you proud to say I had Ashley Woods as a student. - Thank you.